BLUR is a cryptocurrency built with privacy in mind.  Take a first-hand role in protecting yours.

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About the Blur Network

The Blur Network is a private, standalone blockchain based on the premise that neither privacy nor security can truly exist without decentralization.

Privacy is a choice. It is an ideology … and it will be a fight.

The Blur Network employs a custom algorithm called Cryptonight-Dynamic for coin generation and transaction verification, which adjusts once every second. This serves to increase resilience to GPU mining, reduce the impact of on-off mining (Nicehash), and to discourage timestamp manipulation. We are innovating new solutions in the pursuit of fair mining. Our Network aims for block rewards to be accessible to nearly anyone with a computer… thereby enabling them to stand and join the fight for financial freedom.


The Blur Network takes a “decentralized-by design” approach to private payments, utilizing Ring Confidential Transactions from Monero for blockchain ambiguity and the Cryptonote Protocol to secure the blockchain, in a way that is selectively transparent.


BLUR can be transacted with the security and privacy of Monero, without the threats to privacy that result from centralized mining. Disproportionate access to specialized hardware and mining pools place the welfare of the Monero Project in the hands of few. Instead, The Blur Network is supported by individual miners mining on full nodes.

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Key Features of BLUR

Private Transactions

Untraceable transactions are made possible on The Blur Network by using a technique developed by The Monero Project. Selective transparency allows BLUR to be truly fungible, and impossible to censor. Amounts and participants are obfuscated when sending or receiving BLUR, thereby making it impossible to blacklist coins from a given address. The icon above is a hyperlink to the technical paper by Noether detailing the RingCT mechanism.

CPU Mining

Blur Network runs on a custom hashing algorithm, called Cryptonight-Dynamic. The algorithm changes dynamically every second, to make GPU mining excessively resource intensive. Because the algorithm is constantly changing, pooled mining methods are currently incompatible with The Blur Network. Our network is secured and supported entirely by individual CPU-based miners. The icon above is a hyperlink to a paper detailing the need for a solution in response to miner centralization.

Trustless Security

The Blur Network enables individuals to send and receive payments in BLUR without the variable of "trust." This is made possible by the Cryptonote Protocol, through cryptographic keys and signatures. The Cryptonote Protocol whitepaper can be found by following the hyperlink above. The paper is annotated with commentary from researchers at Monero Research Labs.

The Network at a Glance

Network Total Supply: 9,223,300 BLUR until fixed emission

Click Here to View BLUR’s Emission Profile Spreadsheet

Fixed Tail Emission: 2.0 BLUR per block mined

Decimal Places: 12 (Twelve)

Pre-mine: 360,000 BLUR (~4% of Total Supply)

Algorithm: Cryptonight-Dynamic (CPU-only variant)

Stratified Pool Incompatible & GPU/ASIC-Resistant

Block Time: 1 Minute

Ports: P2P: 13894, RPC = 13895

Node 1:

Node 2:

Node 3:

API for Blur Network can be Found at the Block Explorer Webpage returns a list of the past 25 transactions on the network. See the the documentation for more info.

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