BLUR is a cryptocurrency built with privacy in mind.  Take a first-hand role in protecting yours.

BLUR is a cryptocurrency built with privacy in mind.  Take a first-hand role in protecting yours.

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About the Blur Network

The Blur Network is an experimental project based upon the premise that privacy and centralization cannot coexist.  We focus on maximizing accessibility to block rewards, while fostering an educational environment. We seek to create an ecosystem where individuals can take a first-hand role in protecting their right to privacy.

Privacy is a choice.  Join the fight to defend yours.

The Blur Network employs a custom algorithm for mining, called CryptoNight-Dynamic.  The algorithm adjusts approximately once every five seconds, with a goal of maintaining CPU advantages over specialized mining hardware.  Making use of a Unix timestamp, the current block height, and the previous block’s hash,  CryptoNight-Dynamic varies iterations in the CryptoNight algorithm. Employing a timestamp in the calculation serves the purpose of dynamic iterations on an intra-block basis, while height and the previous block’s hash create variation on an inter-block basis.  The iterations necessary to mine each next block are directly dependent upon the result of the block before it.


Exclusionary policy such as ASIC/GPU-resistance is not the answer to the current issues in mining.  Rather than playing an eternal game of cat-and-mouse, Blur plans to target hardware differences with incentives, encouraging mining on discretionary proofs of work.  This experiment is what we are calling the Fractal Multi-Chain. Inspired by fractal geometry and the design concept of security-by-isolation, Blur plans to support faction-based, hardware-specific mining, within the same ecosystem. 


Through this mechanism, as well as supporting full-node mining,  The Blur Network takes a “decentralized-by design” approach to private transactions. Privacy on the blockchain is supported by a mechanism called Ring Confidential Transactions, developed by Monero Research Labs, and the Cryptonote Protocol to secure the blockchain, in a way that is selectively transparent.

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Key Features of BLUR

Private Transactions

Private transactions are made possible on The Blur Network by using a technique developed by The Monero Project. Selective transparency allows BLUR to be truly fungible, and much more censorship resistant than traditional blockchains. Amounts and participants are obfuscated when sending or receiving BLUR, making it very difficult to blacklist coins from a specific address. Click on the icon above to read a technical paper by Shen Noether detailing the RingCT mechanism.

Trustless Security

The Blur Network seeks to enable individuals to transact in BLUR without the variable of "trust." This is made possible by the CryptoNote Protocol, which employs cryptographic primitives to secure the transactions. The Cryptonote Protocol whitepaper can be found by following the hyperlink above and is annotated with commentary from researchers at Monero Research Labs.

CPU Mining

Blur Network runs on a custom hashing algorithm, called Cryptonight-Dynamic. The algorithm changes dynamically every second five seconds, on average. The result, which is dependent on the previous block's hash, determines a differing amount of iterations, both between blocks and within them. Our goal is facilitating CPU-centric mining with no pools being the most logical method by which to mine BLUR. The icon above is a hyperlink to a paper detailing the need for a solution in response to miner centralization.

The Network at a Glance

Total Supply: 9,223,300 BLUR until fixed emission
Current Block Emission: Real-Time Supply
Fixed Tail Emission: 2.0 BLUR per block mined
Decimal Places: 12 (Twelve)
Pre-mine: 360,000 BLUR (~4% of Total Supply)

Block Emission Profile: Spreadsheet

Mining Algorithm: Cryptonight-Dynamic
Block Target Time: 1 Minute
Ports: P2P: 52541 | RPC: 52542

Node 1:
Node 2:
Node 3:

API for Blur Network Explorer can be Found at the Block Explorer Webpage returns a list of the past 25 transactions on the network. See the the documentation for more info/API calls.

  • June 2018

    •  Network Launch (Mainnet)

    •  Linux and Windows CLI Wallet Releases

    •  Rapid Hardforks to v5 at Block Heights 1-5

    •  Hardfork to v6 at Block 7500

  • July 2018

    •  MacOS CLI Wallet Release

    • Development of GUI Wallet/Miner Begins

    • Application for Listing on Bisq and MapleChange

    • Website Redesign & Social Media Presence

  • August - September 2018

    • Exchange Listing on MapleChange

    • Hardfork v7 at Block 80,000

    •  GUI Wallet & Miner Release for Linux & MacOS

    •  Bisq Pull Requests for Integrations & Arbitration

  • October 2018

    • Listing on Bisq Decentralized Exchange

    • Hardfork v8 (Upgrade Algo to CryptoLite-Adaptive v2)

    • CryptoNight-Dynamic v1 Development Begins

    • Upgrade of Existing GUI Wallet

  • November - December 2018

    • Windows GUI Wallet Release

    • Hardfork v9

    • Release of CryptoNight-Dynamic v1

    • Announcement of Future Multi-Chain Architecture

    • Release of Linux Snap Package

  • Q1 2019

    • Hardfork v10

    • Release of CryptoNight-Dynamic v2

    • Listing on

    • GUI Wallet Aesthetic Improvements

  • Q2 2019

    • Listing on Altilly Exchange

    • Extensively Harden/Simplify Monero Codebase

    • Development: Begin Integration of Komodo DPoW

    • Development: Cross-Chain Compatibility (BTC-derived codebases)

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