Statement of Purpose & Core Values

The Blur Network’s core values center upon truth and freedom. Our network and community  are intended to be educational, and for the primary benefit of the public through technological advancement. We strive to create environments that support the freedom of an individual to pursue truth, to develop hypotheses, and to test their theories with practical application of science and experimentation.

Privacy is a critical necessity for individuals who seek to ask questions, and arrive at their own conclusions. It is even more important for those who wish to share their findings. In a world dominated by privacy-compromising technology, our network believes society has become dangerously comfortable with an unnecessary trade-off — between connecting with the world, and protecting oneself.

Our network and community value public discourse between developers & community members, and allowing free expression by all who choose to productively make their voice heard. The Blur Network seeks to contribute to a better “truth” for tomorrow, by improving technology today.

The Blur Network considers its core values to be embodied by: free (as in freedom) and open-source software, application-based co-education, and multi-lateral transparency. Above all else, it is our belief that the freedom to compete and share ideas is the most important driver behind progress.

Regulatory Compliance and Perspective on Policy

We enjoy our civil liberties a great deal, and believe that freedom is something worth protecting. The Blur Network seeks to fit into the existing regulatory landscape of the United States.

We recognize and respect the duties of law enforcement in their service to the public. We also recognize this public service to be a very important force in the protection of the liberties enjoyed by law-abiding citizens. We view our efforts as aligned with the interests of law enforcement and regulation alike: to protect and ensure the safety of the individual. Policy-makers, public figures, government employees, and all individuals of prominence, may very likely be those who stand to gain the most from a privacy-focused medium of exchange, backed by a trustless and decentralized ledger.

We do not support the use of our software for illicit activities or unlawful purposes of any kind. We will report suspicious behavior wherever necessary, and within our ability to do so.

Our developers and contributors are physically incapable of controlling or monitoring who chooses to generate BLUR addresses on The Blur Network. Similarly, we are incapable of controlling who produces coins which are “mined” on The Blur Network. When a BLUR address is created, a user generates a cryptographic key-pair. This key-pair is encoded into a unique identifier (BLUR address), which they may use to send/receive BLUR. Address generation can be done offline, without ever connecting to the internet.

Our network has been and will continue to be built with the intent of contributing to the public good. All contributions to The Blur Network are made public in hopes that it may be useful to mankind, in the unencumbered pursuits of knowledge and truth.

Through methodical testing of existing solutions, and the free expression of fact-based conclusions, our network views humans as champions of knowledge and truth. However, we also recognize humans as prideful, emotion-driven beings, that frequently work against these virtues (to benefit the self, at the cost of the collective). Therefore, it is our firm belief that without technology, humans are unfortunately without the means to ensure that information is not distorted. Individuals must have a means to share their views, and experiences, no matter how significant or insignificant, without being unduly influenced by external forces. Our network is an attempt at contributing to this technological goal, and protecting the human right to privacy.

Got a question, comment or concern?

We enjoy discussing the role of cryptocurrency in our evolving technological world… almost as much as our civil liberties. We encourage open dialogue between citizens and policy-makers. If you have questions or concerns which are not answered within this document, or if you simply wish to open a dialogue, please reach out by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

A Brief Description of The Network

The Blur Network is a decentralized network built for individuals who wish to take a first-hand role in preserving their personal privacy. “Blur” (BLUR) is a cryptocurrency produced by individuals through “mining” (solving computational problems). Nodes on the network broadcast their mathematical solutions to other nodes, and collectively arrive at a consensus upon a “best” solution. That solution is then recorded onto the network’s independent blockchain (a distributed ledger).

Much of the software published by The Blur Network is derivative of prior work, licensed freely as open-source software. The primary source from which our works derive is The Monero Project. Monero (XMR) is one of the leading cryptocurrencies focused on privacy. Without their prior development and publications through Monero Research Labs, our code would not exist in its current form. Development of free and open source software enables technology to advance more quickly. The advantage of accelerated and open development means we are only as strong as our community and extended networks’ present and prior contributions. As development of BLUR continues, we do our best to audit existing code during development, to improve upon and simplify design whenever possible. We strive to write secure, and easily understood source code, but cannot guarantee that our code is error-free. Please take it upon yourself to review and understand the functionality of any code/software, and consider contributing to our public development on GitHub.

BLUR is not legal tender or money, and is not representative of any amount of real-world currency. Any value that may be attributed to BLUR coins, is at the sole discretion of free market individuals. In the event that BLUR at any point falls within the legal definition of currency, we seek to facilitate third-party service providers’ abilities and understanding of our network, so that they may find it easier to fulfill their individual compliance with existing laws and regulations. This document will be expanded at a later date to fully inform of the features that may be useful for service providers and policy-makers alike.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License